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I run the WEB SDR IO group which is primarily aimed at WEB SDR admin's and owners with the aim of sharing experiences and technical expertise relating to operation and running of WEB SDR's - https://groups.io/g/websdr

I'm one of the Admins for the SUWS WEB SDR  - http://websdr.suws.org.uk/ 

I also operate a number of KiWi WEB SDR's which cover the 0-32MHz frequency range





Active Antennas - Updated June 2021

Loop on the Ground Receive Antenna - First draught added June 2021

Broadband Receive Loop Inductance - Updated December 2021

Mobeus Receive Loop Antenna - First draught added June 2021

Balun Loss & Experimental method of measurement - First draught added June 2021

50MHz Mixed Mode Omni Antenna

Mixed Mode Helical Antennas

Broadband Vertical antennas Comet CHA-250B & Diamond BB6W & BB7V

G8JNJ Broadband HF Vertical Antenna - Requires no tuner

HF loop antennas

1m HF loop antenna - Uses a novel tuning capacitor - RADCOM antennas column Sept / Oct 2010

G8JNJ ‘Fat-Max ® ’ HF Antenna - 6m to 40m - the poor man's Steppir

HF Variable Pitch Helical antennas DG7PE & Chameleon V1

Loft and Attic antennas for restricted places

33ft Verticals and Ununs

G7FEK Multiband compact garden antenna

M3KXZ no-counterpoise antenna - Does it actually work ?

Slinky antennas - Compact antennas made from Slinky toys are likely to be poor performers

Solarcon / Antron A99 - How well does it work on other bands ?

Portable Vee Dipole - Uses fishing poles and a lighting tripod

Broadband Terminated Vee antenna - A travelling wave antenna using 9:1 Ununs & a 50 ohm terminating load

Rotary Washing line antenna - Various antennas using hardware from scrap rotary washing lines

Washing line wire reel antenna - A cheap portable antenna

Low Band Wire Antennas - Which is the best ?

HF Antenna Switches - Remotely select a Doublet, Tee or Vertical - for use with a 100w tranceiver

Multiband Wire HF antennas - Thoughts on the G5RV and similar designs

Better than a G5RV - the ZS6BK / G0GSV multiband HF antenna  - External site

More information relating to ZS6BK antenna and matching section - External site

Baluns, Tuners & Matching

Audio & Processing

FM on the LF Bands  - How much spectrum does a Narrow Band FM transmission occupy

SSB TX audio equaliser - Published in Radcom February and March 2009

Build an audio Processor and clipper

Boom microphone for Yaesu FT-857 / FT-897 & Icom IC-7000 - modify a cheap PC headset

Modifying Clansman Military Headsets - use with Yaesu FT-857 FT-897 Icom IC-7000

FT-897D - Audio processing and ALC operation


Other Stuff

Older projects

All other miscellaneous projects can be found by clicking on this page link


  • ‘Manhattan’ or 'New Amsterdam' Style construction
  • 40m Antenna Shootout
  • Switched X dipole / Vee Beam
  • Christmas Light - Vertical Antenna

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