ECLECTIC AETHER - Adventures with Amateur Radio

About G8JNJ


Even when very young I was interested in all things electrical


As I got older this interest became more focused                                                   


In 1974 I obtained my Amateur Radio Licence.

Which I have now held for 30+ years.

Some of the highlights include:-


First operation was with a Pye Ranger on 2m AM - tuning High to Low for contacts
Pause of five years

2m NBFM using a Trio 2200G portable tranceiver
2m using modified Trio TS700  - mainly FM DX, SSB  and Satellite operation

Home built items included:-

      - 4CX250B Amplifier
      - 10 ele IP quad for 2m


      -  Copy of MM 2m to 70cm Transverter
      - 23 cm transvertor using nasty high level 23cm mixer (10w of 384MHz  injection)
      - Much modified IC22A for 2m and 70cm mobile operation       
      - In-car UHF talkthrough and control system using PF1 modules and CMOS logic
















      - Car to home UHF link, remote control of TS-700, RX AGC varying TX power 
      - UHF talkthrough systems in and around Manchester
      - Other stuff for student events !


South Wales

RTTY and other Data modes using an Acorn Atom
Home built 23cm duplex link to hiltop, including filters and antennas
Remote controlled 2m and 70cm FM base stations and talkthrough systems
2m operation using antennas on top of 750' high tower
Occasional HF operation
Communication monitoring with AOR 2001 and other scanning receivers
Reception of Space Shuttle EVA comms - great letter back from commander & Crew
Wrote various magazine articles


Microwave operation
Satellite reception
Wrote a popular 'Short Wave Magazine - Scanning' column for five years (pseudonym was Alan Gardener)
ATV on 23cm,13cm and 3cm
Wrote several articles and equipment reviews for various radio magazines

HF operation using IC-7000 & FT-897 mainly on 160, 18, 12, 10 & 6m SSB, PSK, & WSPR

Remote site operation
Various antenna experiments including Windoms, Broadband Verticals and Compact Loops

Investigations into Balun construction and measurement of performance