ECLECTIC AETHER - Adventures with Amateur Radio

My Ham Hadio Hero's

Weblinks to a selection of some of my favourite amateur radio sites

These are the ones of folks I trust and who know what they are doing.

One day I hope my website will be just as accurate and informative as these are.

Owen Duffy VK2OMD (ex VK1OD) - Good practical information relating to Electronics, Antennas, Feedlines, Baluns & just about everything else

Steve G3TXQ - Home of the Broadband Hexbeam and 1:1 Balun common mode impedance charts

Tom W8JI - Lots of practical antenna information and theoretical analysis

Dan N3OX  - Lots of antenna practical construction information (especially verticals) and theoretical analysis

Adam AB4OJ/VA7OJ - Excellent information relating to Icom Radios and associated items

Alan K0BG - Everything you will ever need to know about mobile operation and compact antennas

Phil AD5X - Lots of very interesting articles and construction projects

Ian GM3SEK - Lots of practical design info. Especially these pages on cost effective common mode choke design

Jim KY9C - Loads of design and measurement information relating to common mode chokes

Chuck W1HIS - More notes on ferrite common mode chokes. Showing what you need to do to reduce EMI problems

L.B Cebik W4ML (SK) - The best resource for antenna design and modelling (free but you need to create a login account)

Reccomended Software - Mostly free

Equipment Reviews

See eham for my reviews of:-

FlexRadio FLEX-3000 Love / hate relationship 
Yaesu ATAS-120 Similar to ATS 100 
Yaesu ATAS-100 OK on some bands 
G Whip Balun Excellent quality and price 
Solarcon A-99 Actual Gain 
Diamond BB-7V 80-10 vertical OK for genaral monitoring and occasional QSOs 
Diamond BB6W Useful for general monitoring and occasional QSOs 
Amperor APP 300 25 Amp DC power supply Works fine for the price - RF noise can be reduced 
W4RT 2.3 KHz Collins SSB filter for Yaesu 817/857/897 series Spend you money on something more worthwhile 
W6ELProp Badly needs updating 
Ham Radio Deluxe HRD V5 (Beta) – Superb 
CG-3000 Automatic Antenna Tuner 10 - 200 WATT .PEP Does exactly what it says on the box 
Array Solutions AIM 4170 by W5BIG The best for antenna measurments 
mRS miniVNA 0.1-180Mhz Good in the workshop 
Elad SNA-2550 2.5 GHz Scalar Network Analyzer Should be better for the price 
EZNEC Antenna Design Software Don't design antennas without it 
ICOM IC-7000 Radio Good - Mic Bad ! 
Spiderbeam 18m Heavy Duty Telescopic Fibreglass Pole Not your average fishing pole ! 
The RF Connection Helpful quick service 
Yaesu FT-897 Great fun to use 
Yaesu MH31 Muffled audio 
W4RT Electronics "One BIG Punch" Works OK - but not for me 
LDG Z-11Pro Memory Autotuner Works well - low power consumption 
Spectran HF-6080 (1MHz to 7GHz) Low cost Spectrum Analyser Looks Good - Works Bad 
AUTEK RESEARCH VA1-RF1-RF5 RF ANALYST Good product - bad build and customer service 

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